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A classic four-piece indie band, Tie-Rex stand for all the free spirits and misfits still looking for their place in the world. With driving riffs, snappy drum beats and powerful vocals, Tie-Rex tell stories about rebellion, open-mindedness and the depths of one's own personality.In a bare basement room, Dominik Honold (guitar/vox), Johannes Schroer (bass) and Merten Koch-Menzel (drums) got together to write the very songs they had all long felt but never heard - Intense, hard-hitting rock songs with influences from genre greats like Billy Talent and The Strokes. Then in 2019, after many long sessions in Dominik's home studio, these songs were immortalized on their debut album "Break The Bounds".After many energetic gigs and explosive performances with bands like Drowning Empire, Chamistry and Miss Madison, singles like "Painkiller" and "Glad You Came Around" followed shortly after, which would give early glimpses of the second album's sound. In the summer of 2022, the lineup was expanded to include Marie Hansen (guitar/vox).